Al Mowahad Center for Accounting & Banking Expert


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Al Mowahad Center for Accounting & Banking Expert

Dubai approved by the Law and legislation board is based on the constants professional a commitment to prepare controls the permit of bankers experts, to be adopted by the Testing bankers experts board to accepted by federal courts, which is includes the Ministry of Justice and the Central Bank and the Federation of UAE banks to decide on requests for wanting to get licenses in profession of banking expert in judicial circles and the courts.

The most prefer feature of the Al Mowahad Center for Accounting & Banking Expert is professional and technical banking issue Case, technical reports with high professionally and that is one of the necessary conditions for designation of an expert banker at the center, also the Local Management that characterize the Center, that is United Arab Emirates Nationality , in addition to that the management has High Academy qualifications and has, Emirates Certified Chartered Accountant ECPA issued by the Emirates Institute of Certified Public Accountants EICPA , Certified Chartered Accountant CPA issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA and ACPA issued by the International Arab Society of Certified Public Accountants IASCA.

Note that the Management has passed all the tests of the bankers committee admitted in federal courts.

Experts said organizers of Al Mowahad Center for Accounting & Banking Expert We are careful to keep up with other global developments in the application of international best practices for upgrading industry banking to the highest levels, With this always proud of the success not only in finding the best solutions to the issues facing the banking sector, but also in our initiatives and proposals that contribute mainly in banking regulation and service economy and society.

At the professional & technical level, the center specializing in banking Case issue and has adequate experience in the modus of operandi banks and financial products, and be able to do his duty as an expert in charge in front the UAE courts .