Members Duties AIAL Membership: Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal (AIAL)



Members Duties

As one of the most comprehensive private education center and training solutions provider in the Middle East, AIAL management is pleased to bring you AIAL Membership Services.

  • To provide the Arab Institute for Accountanst & Legal with all means of communication as well as scientific certificate documents Curriculum Vitae and an image.
  • Member should update personal data in the Institute in the case he/she has been any change or amendment to the personal data and the means to connect to, otherwise each member should confirm his/her statements during the period membership validity once at least, through the website of the Arab Institute of Accountants and Public Accountants.
  • Each member should show the membership card issued by the Institute of Management and to be valid at the request of any service or benefit of the Arab Institute of Accountants and Public Accountants.
  • Each member ought to work on attracting new adherents of the Arab Institute of Accountants and legal experts and take advantage of special features so.
  • If it is hard to communicate with the user during the period of validity of membership due to update the data, a member would lose his right to benefit from this membership.
  • No member shall be entitled to cancel the membership of the Arab Institute of Chartered Accountants and or refund their fees after the organic version or after to take advantage of the benefit obtained by the organic version.

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