Membership Benefits: Membership: Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal (AIAL)



Membership Benefits

Our community of corporate and individual members enjoy these special privileges.

  • For the first course, member of the Arab Institute for Accountants and legal is eligible for 25% discount of the original fees.
  • Throughout membership validity, member of the Arab Institute is legible for 15% discount of all original courses fees.
  • Once clearing the annual subscription for 3 years in advance (being called the Gold membership), member of the Arab Institute is eligible for 100% discount of any single course.
  • Member of the Arab Institute is entitled to gift a new membership for a new enrolled one as benefit is doubled for the old member as mentioning in the first and second paragraphs. This benefit, however, is also doubled for the old member along with the Gold membership to the new member as coming in the third paragraph.
  • In the Arab Institute, The Gold Membership owner is granted an International Membership in one of the International bodies where the Arab Institute is approved. (Terms and conditions apply for the International Body). Member will enjoy an exemption of 100% of the International body fees accordingly.
  • Owner of the Gold Membership has the right to sign up in one of the International Exams available in Development Institute (AIAL subsidiary Institute) which comprise the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL IBT) and the International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The Gold membership owner will be exempt 100% from these exams fees as a result.
  • The previously above mentioned benefit owned by one member of the Arab Institute won’t be converted to any other party.
  • Arab Institute Membership names will be listed on AIAL website and the International Body website for the Gold Membership along with CVs.
  • The Arab Institute Member will be invited to participate in any social training activity managed by the Institute’s administration during the membership validity.
  • The Arab Institute Members will be invited to attend the annual Ceremony being held at the end of the year.
  • The International Exam Fees, in which the member enjoys any course benefits, are not subject to any exemptions. Similarly, members should pay the fees of any International Exam.
  • In case a third party who doesn’t enjoy the Institute membership were brought by a member for registration in any course, this member will receive 15% as an additional benefit for each course calculated on the third party.
  • Each member will be awarded the Arab Institute Luxury leather bag in addition to some membership – assigned gifts.
  • Each member is entitled to use the Arab Institute Banner in his/her printed and electronic correspondence.
  • Any writings referred to the Arab Institute and a like are granted to members free.

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