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Accounting and Auditing

Whether you're starting your accounting career from scratch or enhancing your skills, our range of courses will develop your knowledge and help you gain recognised qualifications. AIAL accounting certifications will help you be on top.

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Financial Management

These programs below are PDP Professional Development Programs that have been designed by AAFM for the last 30 years. These PDP programs are offered by AIAL which is an approved provider of AAFM certifications.

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Islamic Finance

AIAL training programs' objective is to coordinate with Islamic financial institutions to identify their training needs in order to enable them to achieve the best returns on their investment in human resource development.

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Legal & Law

Our training program under Legal and Law aims to create and promote social awareness as to the importance of combating corruption and protecting public resources and interest.

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Human Rights

AIAL human rights courses teaching includes the multidisciplinary Human Rights and a series of short Certificate courses examining different aspects of human rights principles and practice.

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anti corruption

Anti Corruption

Trainings aims to reduce corruption in public & private organizations and companies from around the world in sound anti-corruption strategies.

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Management & Administration

We make it easy for individuals to build their management skills and enhance their career prospects. We can help you find classes and training related to organizational behavior, critical thinking strategies, decision making, and much more.

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School Administration

Our programs prepares students for these demands by providing a comprehensive grounding in the functions of management supported by critical analysis of the context in which manager’s work.

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Create a successful career in engineering. Our engineering degree courses focus on the employability of our participants and the future needs of industry.

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Hotel & Hospital

Our Hospital and Hotel Management courses is developed by professionals with many years of experience, and covers a range of topics such as Hotels, hospitals, private / corporate owned establishments.

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Highly respected by employers, we offer a comprehensive range of secretarial courses – from quick courses to up date skills, to our highly respected secretarial diplomas such as Executive Secretary and Office Management.

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