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Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (CAMC)

This Course focuses on Anti-Money Laundering Laws, Financial Crimes, and Compliance. This is a key program for those in banking, financial compliance, and enforcement.

Certification Issued By:

ICAS logo International Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Society (ICAS - UK) The ICAS is one of the world's largest Compliance organization based in UK since 1956, premier provider of Anti-money Laundry and compliance training and education and consulting. Together with nearly 32,600 members, the ICAS is reducing business Anti-money Laundry worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.

By Attending, delegates will learn keys to success in areas of:

  • Protect your organization against the latest money laundering and fraud techniques
  • Identify vulnerable and potential areas of risk and recognize potential offenders
  • Formulate an effective fraud prevention and anti-money laundering strategy
  • Minimize the effects of fraud on your company and successfully navigate the legislative landscape
  • Conduct good customer due diligence in non-face-to-face transactions
  • Discover the latest techniques for scoring the risks of customers, products and operations
  • Identify methods to maximize your ROI in anti-money laundering technology
  • Gain critical insight and practical knowledge to achieve compliance with Asia, GCC, US and EU regulations
  • Conduct examinations and audits of anti-money laundering program
  • Improve your company’s well-being with the tools and knowledge to create and practice value-added anti-money laundering initiatives

Who Should Attend

This certification course is for anyone responsible for anti-money laundering, cash transactions and fraud identification in their organization, such as Anti-Money Laundering Professionals, Compliance Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Finance Directors and Managers. Those working as Risk Managers, Internal and External Auditors, Government Regulators, Financial Accountants and Bank Officials will certainly benefit, as well as anyone working in non-financial businesses and interested in becoming certified in anti-money laundering.


You are qualified to take certification if you have any of the below requirements:

  • Must have at least one year experience in related field
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree

Course Parts:

  • Module 1
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) From A Regulator’s Perspective
    • The Role of the Regulator In AML Compliance
  • Module 2
    • AML from an Institution’s Perspective
    • Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Detection and Reporting
    • Identification and Verification of Accountholders
  • Module 3
    • AML from the Customer’s Perspective
    • Dealing With Transactions of the Super-High-Net-Worth
  • Module 4
    • Some AML Legislation Affecting the Global Markets
    • UAE legislation Authorized Disclosures and Failure to Disclose
    • Appropriate consent
  • Module 5
    • Implementing AML Initiatives in Your Organization

How to Register?

  • Register Online or
  • Fill-up the registration form and visit the Institute, with the following requirements then pay the necessary fees.
    • passport copy
    • 1 copy of passport size photo
    • eligible certificate copy

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