Chamber of Hospitals and Healthcare Society (UK)


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Chamber of Hospitals and Healthcare Society (UK)

The Society provides training programs to accredited universities, schools and institutions in order to promote proper management and healthcare system.
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Medical Courses
  • Homeopathy Medicine
  • General Nursing Training
  • Optometry Certification
  • Caregiver Training
  • Radiography Training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Lab Technicians Training
  • Medical Billing and Insurance Coding
  • Surgical Technology Hospital Diploma
  • Dental Surgery Training
  • Occupational Therapy Certification
  • Phlebotomy Hospital Training Program
Healthcare and Hospital Courses
  • Master in Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety in General
  • Health Care Diploma
  • Hospital Management Diploma
  • Health Services Administration Diploma
  • Hospital Quality Control
  • Health Care Administration Diploma
  • Hospital Operation Manager
  • Health Care Assistant Certification
  • Medical Office Management Certification
  • Health Information Technology
Hospital Finance Courses
  • Hospital Accounting
  • Hospital Assets Manager
  • Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators
  • Introduction to Pharmacy
  • Exploring Pharmacology
Customer Service
  • Hospital Front Desk Management
  • Health Care Customer Service Certification