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Arab Arbitration Society

International arbitration sector in all aspects, is an integral part of the law and the business sector in the world ,the Arab Arbitration Society it’s the bridge of communications.
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Arbitration Programs

  • Qualification Program for International Arbitrator
  • Banking and Finance Arbitration
  • Maritime Arbitration
  • Arbitration of disputes constructional - FIDIC
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Arbitration in international investment disputes
  • Arbitration in Real Estate disputes (real estate commissions)
  • Arbitration of Securities Disputes ( International Arabian Securities)
  • Arbitration of disputes in Islamic banking in Islamic financial institutions
  • Arbitration and domestic reform
  • Arbitration in the Arab legislation and international rules
  • Arbitration in disputes on human rights issues
  • Arbitration in contracts for terrestrial and air Cargo
  • Arbitration in contracts for petroleum and oil
  • Arbitration Professional Diploma

Other Legal Courses

  • Certified Legal Affairs Manager (CLAM)
  • Financial Legal Expert - Expertise Reports (FLEER)
  • Certified Legal Expert
  • Certified Legal Consultant
  • CLBE Certified Liquidation Bankruptcy Expert

Certified Legal Trainer (CLT)

Society Activity

  • Society Rules Professional decisions
  • Membership Regulatory committee