Registration: Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal (AIAL)


school registrar

Mrs. Mervat Abdelnaser

AIAL Registration In Charge
Ms. Mervat Ahmed Mohamed Abdelnaser, an Egyptian National works as a registrar in AIAL. She plans, organizes and manages all of the activities related to the records and registration department, including serving as the official authorized keeper of the institute student records.

She is responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support in order to ensure that Institute services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

Main Activities

  • Receive, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages
  • Direct the students and the visitors to the appropriate staff member
  • Pick up and deliver the mail
  • Open and date stamp all general correspondence
  • Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence
  • Assist in the planning and preparation of meetings, conferences and conference telephone calls
  • Make preparations for Institute committee meetings
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies
  • Respond to public inquiries
  • Provide word-processing and secretarial support

teresa aial

Mrs. Teresa Reclamado

AIAL Administrative Archiver
Mrs. Teresa Reclamado, Filipino National, works as an administrative archiver and assistant. She assist the course coordinators in dealing with the students. She's also in charge in keeping the records in finance and registration as well as the certificates of the students. She also do e-marketing.

Main Activities

  • Administrative Archiver
  • Course Coordinator's assistant
  • E-Marketing
  • Important documents and certificates keeper